The Bahia resort on a Mission Bay peninsula

Tropical Garden

Make It Your Escape

Gazeebo An ocean breeze drifts through the palm fronds above as you step out of your room. Sunlight warms your face. You look up through a lush green canopy, take a deep breath, and smile. You begin a morning walk along a bubbling stream through a lush world of tropical enchantment and take a moment to decide what you’d like to do for the rest of the day. The thought “nothing” comes to mind. You smile again.

Our beautifully landscaped tropical gardens provide a relaxing backdrop throughout the Bahia beach hotel. Winding paths and trickling streams, surrounded by exotic palms and a rainbow of colorful flowers, beckon to you with promises of panoramic views of Mission Bay. San Diego’s year-round sunshine and perfect weather create a tropical paradise every day of the year.

Explore this natural delight where you’ll discover our Gazebo as well as our Seal and Duck Ponds providing you the opportunity to snap that perfect Southern California picture in the soothing shade of the Bahia Gardens, and maybe just do nothing else for the rest of the day. We welcome you to stay with us at the Bahia, the finest in San Diego hotels!